Brand Ambassador on Social Media Terms and Conditions

This Brand Ambassador on social media Agreement outlines the terms and conditions of relationship between Blueberry Pet (the company) and the Brand Ambassador (the Ambassador).


  • The Company is a company that sell pet products under the Blueberry Pet brand name.
  • The Company desires that Ambassador act as Company’s representative in connection with the promotion and sale of the Company Products and Brand under the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  • The Ambassador has the ability to act as Company’s representative in connection with the promotion and sale of the Company Products and Brand.

Brand Ambassador’s Requirements and Duties

Ambassador must be at least 18 years of age or older

Ambassador must have a public active social media account with 300+ followers and posting consistency

Ambassador must follow @Bluerberry_pet_usa Instagram account

Ambassador must have a PayPal account. 

Ambassador must comply with this Agreement to participate in the Program and to receive Commissions.

Ambassador will receive Personal discount code 15% off for your own Blueberry Pet purchases.Ambassadors agree not to share any personal discount codes provided by Blueberry Pet. They are to be used solely by the Ambassador.

Ambassador will receive 10% off code for friends, family and followers for their first purchase.

 Ambassador is strictly prohibited from sharing discount codes on coupon sites. Any ambassador whose code is found on a coupon site will immediately be terminated from the program and all pending commissions will be rescinded. Ambassadors must comply with all federal, state and local regulations, including applicable laws governing marketing emails (ie CAN-SPAM Act). Blueberry Pet reserves the right to suspend or remove ambassadors at any time, without warning.

Ambassador must not mention his code on any Blueberry Pet social media posts or channels (i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

As an ambassador you are expected to drive at least one sale per 90 day period that results in a commission. Ambassadors who do not meet that requirement are considered inactive and their ambassador account and unique discount code will be deactivated.

Compensation Agreement

Approved Blueberry Pet Ambassadors will be paid 10% commission for all orders accepted, shipped and purchased via the Ambassador's assigned Referral Code on Commissions shall be paid to the Ambassador on the 10th day of the month following the month in which Blueberry Pet receives payment for the orders. Commissions will be calculated based on Net Invoice Price. These are calculated to include any increase or decrease in the total amount of the order subsequent to acceptance of the order, less shipping costs, taxes, insurance and any allowances or discounts expressly granted to the customer.


Ambassador must not engage in the following activities without Company’s prior written consent:

  • Incur any liability on behalf of Company, or in any way pledge Company’s credit or accept any order or make any contract binding on Company;
  • Make ant promise or presentation, or give any warranty or guarantee, on behalf of Company or in relation to the Company Products;
  • Offer Company Products for sale at process or under terms and conditions of the Company without consent;
  • Use Blueberry Pet in any domain name;
  • Ambassador may be disqualified from the Brand Ambassador Program If such sites of social sites are:

-X-rated and promote sexually explicit materials

-Promoting violence and discord

-Promoting discrimination based in race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age

-Promoting illegal or questionable activities

-Violating intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property

The Ambassador acknowledges that any copyrights relating to Work provided by the Ambassador hereby constitutes a “work made for hire” as that terms is defined in the Copyright law and is owned by Company, for all purposes worldwide in perpetuity. Work product includes but is not limited to all social media posts, pictures, images, videos, recordings, taglines, hashtags, posts, commentary, and designs.

Except where prohibited by law or regulation, Ambassador grants the Company and its successors, assigns, licensees and designees permission to use Ambassador's name, Social Media Platform account name, photograph (including, but not limited to, Social Media Platform account profile photo), voice and/or other likeness,  in all media now known or hereafter discovered (including, without limitation, on The Company’s websites and via Company’s Social Media Platform accounts), worldwide in perpetuity, for any purpose without additionalcompensation, consideration, notification or consent.  

Ambassadors acknowledged the ownership and validity of Company’s copyrights, brands, trademarks, trade dress and patent rights, whether or not created by or contributed to by Ambassador.

The Company Products and other intellectual property contain valuable copyright, trade secret trademark and other proprietary right of Company, Except for the limited rights granted herein, Company reserves all rights in and to the Company Products and other software, No title to or ownership of any software or proprietary rights related to software is transferred to Ambassador hereunder. Company’s copyrighter material of any kind shall not be copied by Ambassador without Company’s written permission.

The company will own the full and complete copyright to the uploaded media. However, both Parties are permitted to share the content subject to this agreement within their own channels.


The Parties to this Agreement may not disclose to any third party, the use of the works engaged by the Brand Ambassador with the Company without the other party’s written consent.  Neither Party, may sell, nor disclose with any third party any proprietary or confidential information acquired by them in the course of their engagement with the other, without written consent of the other part

Period and Termination

This Contract shall remain effective and enforceable for a period of 1 year, beginning on the date of effectivity of this agreement up until the year thereafter, unless prematurely terminated by either party.

Should any party decide to terminate this Agreement prior the date of maturity, the party shall notify the other at least thirty (30) days prior the termination date.

Representations and Warranties

Representations and Warranties: The Company acknowledges and understands that:

  • Brand Ambassador has the unrestricted right and authority to perform the duties and deliverables that conform to this Agreement;
  • The deliverables by the Brand Ambassador is original;
  • all duties and responsibilities by the Brand Ambassador is compliant with the applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the State agreed upon by Parties, to be performed in this Agreement;
  • The work of the Brand Ambassador will not contain defamatory, disparaging or offensive content to any product or business, or be involved in any pornographic or be contrary to any religious beliefs.

Separability clause

Should any of the provisions of this Agreement be held invalid by any competent court, the same shall apply only to the said provision and the remaining provisions hereof shall remain valid and enforceable.

Agreement Modification

The company may change the terms and conditions of this Agreement in the future. Unless this Agreement or applicable law specifies otherwise, the companywill give Ambassador thirty (30) days prior notice of any significant change to this Agreement. If you find the change unacceptable, you have the right to terminate the Agreement. No modification or alteration of this contract from ambassador’s side shall be considered as having been made.