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Every Animal Deserves a Second Chance

Since 2018, we have donated thousands of essential pet products, such as dog collars, pet sweaters, pet beds and so on. we participated in the charity events held by

  • Ace for the Rescues
  • Animal Hope and wellness foundation
  • Churchill Animal protection society
  • Florida Alliance of search and Rescue K-9, Inc
  • Mutts and Runts
  • Muttly Crew
  • Natchitoches Humane society
  • Rose Orange County Humane Society
  • Ruff start Rescue
  • Sadie's Safe Harbor Canine Rescue

We shared and continue to share, the same vision with those organizations. Blueberry Pet’s goal as a designer pet brand is to improve the welfare of street animals, to nurture the mindset of adoption, and to ultimately end animal cruelty.

We are not able to accomplish those achievements without your support of our brand. We hope to bring sustained donations to our pet society, together with customers like you! We are known for our dog-friendly office policy and our employees’ volunteer initiatives. Thus, shop with Pet1click Corp. means giving back to animals!